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Farm Taste is a “farm-to-doorstep” delivery service founded by a group of passionate and food industry experienced Chicago residents. We source fresh produce from 20+ local U.S. farms and producers, package it in celebrity-chef curated fresh farm boxes and deliver directly to consumers' doorsteps. A macro mission of our company is to support the U.S. farmers and hospitality workers who found themselves with excess produce and out of work respectively, due the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our mission is to connect customers with local farmers and producers in the most efficient way, so everyone has direct access to local, seasonal and healthy U.S. grown produce, and that every farmer gets a fair price for their product.

Our celebrity-chef curated fresh farm boxes (i.e. Essential Farm Box, Vegetarian Farm Box, Healthy Family Farm Box), contain fresh fruit and vegetables, herbs, freshly baked bread, and a choice of protein (in select boxes). We offer a number of sizes and product variations, including a wide variety of proteins (i.e. Chicken breasts, Pork chops, Rib Eye and Filet Mignon steaks, Tofu). Additional products include Essential Dairy Box, a popular add-on to the fresh farm boxes and a selection of popular condiments, e.g. jams, pickled vegetables, and much more.

We encourage you to support your local community and laid off hospitality workers by buying high-quality fresh farm produce.

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