Support our U.S. farmers and furloughed hospitality workers.

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  • 01 April , 2020
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Our community is facing a global problem and those most vulnerable have already lost their jobs due to coronavirus shut-downs. We support U.S. farmers who provide fresh, seasonal produce for our fresh farm boxes. Boxes are packed and delivered with care by furloughed hospitality workers. While we are actively doing everything we can to find more customers, so we can employ more furloughed hospitality workers, we need your help to make our efforts go even further.

Choose from one-time orders to weekly, every other week, and monthly subscriptions. There are no lock-in contracts...ever.

We are focused on eliminating food waste. Each box is sourced, packed, and delivered to order. Any excess produce is given to our staff.

Share FarmTaste with friends and we will give them 15% off their first order.




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