When You Support Local Businesses You Support Your Local Community

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  • 29 April , 2021
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Local business owners love what they do. They play an important role in supporting their local community by providing products and services to their neighbors from their neighbors. From local produce to handmade items that use locally sourced materials, local small businesses are essentially the backbone of the community. There are several things you will benefit from when you buy local, and they are:

     >Excellent customer service
     >More personalized service
     >Unique and innovative products
     >Getting to know the people behind the product
     >Improve your family's health


    Excellent, Personalized Customer Service

    Excellent, personalized customer service goes a long way with customers. Locally owned businesses provide customer service that is hands down the best when compared to bigger box stores and companies. Your questions will be answered on time, the business will make sure you find what you need or want, and most importantly, they want you to come back and shop with them again.

    Unique and Innovative Products

    Your community will stand out with unique and innovative products or services. So when you support that new neighborhood business owner who just opened up a soap store, you are receiving a one-of-a-kind product while supporting the sheep farmer down the road who provides milk to the owner for their soap. This recycling of revenue when you buy local builds strong communities.

    Knowing the People Behind the Products and Improving Your Health

    On that note, we arrive at our next two benefits: getting to know the people behind the product and improving your family's health. Taking our example from above, the soap owner is supporting the sheep farmer in their local community, who you now have the pleasure of knowing. Knowing where the ingredients come from not only improves your health but also your social relationships with those in your community. Also, you will feel good promoting a product that you enjoy and was made locally in your very own community.



    Local Business Owner + Customer = Glue

    Coming together, the customer and the business owner create the glue that bonds the community together. When you spend your money and buy locally, you are helping to stimulate the local economy. Smaller-sized businesses also help to create and sustain jobs, keep the area vibrant, and buzzing with shoppers as well as tourists. Spending your money at a locally owned business shows that you appreciate their products and business. It also goes further to provide wages for their employees, helping them to put food on their table. Below we have listed the top 10 reasons to support locally owned businesses.

    1. Local ownership promotes local decision-making on topics that impact the community.
    Buy Local Or ByeBye Local
    2. Locally owned businesses create more jobs and provide better wages.
    3. Encourages entrepreneurship in future generations.
    4. The public benefits (mentioned above).
    5. Economic impact; keeps money in the local economy by recycling revenue from customers to businesses.
    6. The community's well-being is looked after by encouraging customers and business owners to take care of their neighborhood.
    7. Provides character and economic advantage to a community.
    8. Communities with locally owned businesses contribute to environmental sustainability with more walkable neighborhoods, fewer big-box footprints, and protecting habitats.
    9. Competition amongst thousands of local owners pushes innovation and produces prosperity.
    10. With a multitude of locally owned businesses, product diversity ensures that the community's varied needs and wants are met.

      Community Investment Through Charitable Contributions

      Another reason for supporting locally owned businesses is one that deserves its own section. Let's talk about community investment through charitable contributions. Supporting their community means a great deal to a business owner. Many take part in local charitable events and partner with like-minded organizations to improve their local neighborhoods.

      A local small business owner contributes more on average than their national counterparts to charitable foundations. So when you support a local business, you help them support the community and give back to the charities and foundations vital in your area.


      Our Mission at FarmTaste

      From reducing environmental impacts to being efficient and cost-effective, here at FarmTaste we strive to connect you with local farmers that can provide you with fresh fruits and vegetables. We believe everyone should have access to local, seasonal and healthy U.S. grown produce. We ensure that our farmers are paid a fair price for their produce and supply our customers with farm fresh boxes for an affordable amount.

      FarmTaste builds on the above principle by partnering with organizations that believe and do the same. We find it very important to work with charitable causes that want to achieve important goals such as the following:

           >Promote inclusion and breakdown barriers within communities
           >Inspire future generations to lead
           >Lift up communities that were and are impacted by COVID-19
           >Deliver memorable experiences to affected communities

        We partner with the Special Olympics Chicago/Special Children's Charities who serve more than 7,500 athletes in 27 parks, 150 Chicago Public Schools, and 23 agencies. In the city of Chicago, Special Olympics Chicago is active in every neighborhood. To note, 70% of the athletes served in the community live at or below the poverty level.

        Our partnership with Special Olympics Chicago and Special Children's Charities delivers fresh produce to over 500 Special Olympics Chicago Athletes, as well as conducts virtual cooking masterclasses that are taught by Chef Eric Babula and Chef Jesus Martinez.

        Our Chef Curated Fresh Farm Boxes

        Our chef-curated fresh farm boxes contain the following:

             >Fresh fruit, vegetables, microgreens, and herbs from local farmers
             >Freshly baked bread from D'Amato's Italian bakery
             >Sustainably raised and locally sourced proteins

          We offer a variety of proteins, including chicken breasts, pork chops, ribeye and filet mignon steaks, premium seafood, and tofu. As for our seafood, it comes from Supreme Lobster, a leading regional and national seafood distributor who is known for the freshest fish, seafood, and lobsters.

          Additionally, we also offer a customizable Essential Dairy Box, pickled goods, sweet spreads, and raw honey. Our Essential Dairy Box is sourced from local dairies and includes either whole or 2% milk, eggs, and either Wisconsin cheese or 84% unsalted butter. As for our spreads and pickled goods boxes, we have partnered with Twidley Bits who believes that the extras are what make life's moments extraordinary.

          Subscribing is Supporting

          By subscribing to receive fresh farm boxes from FarmTaste, you are supporting the community. With no contract or minimum subscription length, you can cancel anytime. Shipping is always free for produce boxes over $49. You can skip a delivery whenever you need to by simply customizing your delivery schedule. To learn more, feel free to contact us via email at sales@thefarmtaste.com or by phone at (224) 552-0288.

          As the events of last year still continue to have an economic impact on our communities, it is important more so now than ever that we keep supporting locally owned businesses and our communities. Supporting your local food system is key to helping your local economy. It isn't just local restaurants that are struggling but also local farmers. Signing up with FarmTaste will gain you fresh, local produce, fewer trips to the store, and a boosted immune system.

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