Why Farm Fresh Vegetables and Fruits are a Better Choice Than Store Bought

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  • 18 March , 2021
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We all know that fruits and vegetables are a staple in maintaining a healthy, well-rounded diet. Daily, we should be getting at least 1.5 to 2 cups of fruit and 2 to 3 cups of vegetables into our meals. Now did you notice in that previous sentence I said "should be getting". Well, for various reasons it can be difficult to get fresh vegetables and fruits incorporated into our daily diet. More often than not, one of those reasons is due to where the produce comes from.

It's not uncommon to roll through the grocery store produce section and see a plethora of potatoes or tons of tomatoes hailing from locations unknown. Now don't get me wrong, I'm sure our friends from other locales grow great goodies. However, like many folks, I want to know where my food comes from. More so, I also want to know the practices of the farmers who grow and produce the food.


At FarmTaste, we strive to provide seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables from over 30 local farms to the Indiana, Illinois, and Wisconsin areas. Continue reading further to learn more about why farm fresh vegetables and fruits are a better choice than store bought.

From Source to Table with a Stop In-Between

The next time you hold a piece of fruit or a veggie in your hand, just know it has traveled quite the distance to get to you. So where did it come from, and how? The answer to that question revolves around multiple supply chains stretching across the country or continents. Most fruits and vegetables come from countries like Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, and many other countries. The state of California is also responsible for producing items such as kiwis, plums, and spinach. Other places like South America and Central America, produce bananas, grapes, green beans, and cantaloupes, which are imported to the United States.

So let's start with the basics, shall we? Farmers grow fruits and vegetables. I know that was probably brand new, shocking information for you. All kidding aside, we know this, but many of us don't comprehend what it takes to grow food. Farming takes a lot of nurturing and cultivation. From soil conditions to the weather, packaging, and transport, farmers work hard to get fresh produce out of the field and to the consumer.

At FarmTaste, we connect local farmers and artisan producers in the most efficient way with their community. We want everyone to have direct access to local, seasonal and healthy U.S. grown produce. It is important to us that farmers are paid a fair price for all their hard work. So why choose our chef-curated farm boxes you might ask? Scroll down and we will be happy to explain.

Why Choose Farm Fresh Veggies and Fruits Delivery

With farm fresh produce delivery you are able to achieve more than just tasty tangerines and luscious lettuce. There are various reasons for choosing farm fresh produce delivery over store bought, and a few are:

-Convenient and Cost Effective
-Supporting local farmers and the community
-Zero Waste

      Let's dig a little deeper, and get to the root of each of the above reasons.

      Convenience and Cost Effective

      Through FarmTaste, farm fresh produce delivery is not only easy but convenient. From flexible options, no contracts, and satisfaction guaranteed, produce delivery can't be beat, or is it beet? But seriously, our fresh farm boxes are packed with not only produce but meats, bread, and more. We want to give you all the good stuff without it costing you all your greens, cash that is, not kale. Our boxes contain from 8 to 14 types of fruits and veggies, 2 portions of meat or tofu, and fresh baked bread from D'Amato's Italian bakery. Just one box can provide a couple of meals depending on how many you are feeding.

      Supports Local Farmers and the Community

      Upon purchasing fresh produce delivery, local farmers and the community are being supported. When local farmers can be paid fairly, they are less likely to sell their farmland for development. Also, let's be honest, locally grown food just tastes better. This is due to the shorter time from farm to table. Local food also preserves genetic diversity. A wide variety of species can be grown, rather than just those made to withstand the long process once picked.

      Zero Waste

      At FarmTaste, we are focused on eliminating food waste. Every one of our farm boxes is individually sourced, packed, and delivered. If we should ever have produce leftover from an order we do the following: give extras in the farm boxes, donate or give it to our staff. Giving to those in need is important to us, therefore we are committed to not wasting food.


      We deliver fresh produce in boxes that are biodegradable and include recyclable ice packs. Especially in light of the world's heavy reliance on fossil fuels, we have made the choice to provide packaging that does not harm the environment.

      Other reasons for choosing local vegetable delivery is that it helps keep local food taxes down as well as benefit the surrounding environment and wildlife. Well-managed farms provide ecosystems with fertile soil conservation, protection of water sources, and sequesters carbon from the atmosphere. Last but certainly not least, local food is safer. There is a unique kind of assurance that you gain when opening up your FarmTaste farm box full of produce, because you know that what you're eating was grown locally.

      Is Eating Seasonally For Me?

      By eating seasonally, we become a proponent for the environment and our community. From spring and summer to fall and winter, vegetable delivery offers the freshest produce available right to your door. By eating our way through the seasons with what's available, we are actually benefiting from several things.

      Food that is grown in season is more nutritionally dense because it was allowed to grow through the season and then picked when it's ready to eat. Did you know that in order for produce to get to you on time it is either picked early or has post-harvest treatments applied to it? These treatments can include chemicals and gases called ripening agents. There are also heat processes and coatings that are being applied to help slow the maturation process of the fruits or vegetables.

      As mentioned above, eating seasonally just tastes better. Often, species that are produced for the masses are chosen more so for their shelf life and their abilities to ripen uniformly rather than their flavor. When you have time for a taste test, compare local farm fresh fruits and veggies in the store to locally grown in-season produce. Once you have you'll see that there truly is a difference.

      So to answer our question above is eating seasonally for me, the answer is yes. Not only are you giving your tastebuds a run for their money, but you are giving your body vitamins and minerals it needs. Here at FarmTaste, we encourage you to check out all we have to offer and start up a produce delivery for yourself. Our options are flexible and require no commitment or contract. Feel free to check out our FAQ section, or contact us with any further questions you may have about receiving one of our farm fresh produce boxes.



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