Fresh Farm Boxes

We believe locally sourced, U.S. grown in-season fruit and vegetables are the most nutritious and flavorful. Our curated fresh farm boxes contain 12-15 types of in-season fruit and vegetables, herbs, dairy products, fresh bread, and a choice of protein from Chicago's finest meat purveyor (i.e. Chicken breasts, Pork chops, Rib Eye and Filet Mignon steaks in select boxes). Fresh fruits, vegetables and a variety of proteins are the foundation of a healthy diet. That's why we pick the freshest seasonal produce for our Fresh Farm Boxes.  

The quality and freshness are incredibly important to us, so we have partnered with local U.S. farms and artisanal producers to provide our customers with access to local, seasonal and healthy U.S. grown produceThe menu of produce is dependent on what is local and in season, so you'll never get bored.