1.25 LB Live Lobster



1.25 LB Live Lobster

We source Live Lobsters from Supreme Lobster, Chicago's leading seafood distributor, known for the best quality fresh fish, seafood, and lobsters.

 Lobster Storage Do’s: Lobster Storage Don’ts:
  • Put the entire box in your fridge. If there isn’t room then you may place them in a small container in the fridge.
  • Keep Seaweed or Damp Newspaper on top of them when they are in the fridge.
  • Lobsters should be cooked the same day you get it delivered.
  • 40 degrees Fahrenheit is the ideal temperature for storage.
  • Do not put ice on the lobsters, fresh water kills lobsters.
  • Do not put in the bath tub, fresh water kills lobsters.
  • Do not leave your box in the sun or anywhere where this is a direct source of heat.

  • We strongly recommend boiling live lobsters. This is the easiest technique for beginners. The best way to boil is in water flavored with sea salt, in the water. The water actually adds weight to the lobster meat while some methods tend to dry out the lobster meat.

    Cooking instructions:

    1. Fill your lobster pot with water. Allow three quarts of water per 1.25 pounds of lobsters, they should be totally submerged in water.
    2. Add 1/4 cup of Sea Salt for each gallon of water. (4 quarts = 1 gallon). This adds significant flavor to the lobsters.
    3. Bring the salt water to a rolling boil.
    4. Put your live lobsters in one at a time using gloves or tongs. Do not cover.
    5. Stir the lobsters halfway through boiling. (2-6 Lobsters for 11-12 minutes)
    6. Boiled lobsters will be bright red when done.
    7. Place boiled lobsters in cool water or let stand for 3-5 minutes before serving.
    8. Enjoy!




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