Farm Cheese Box



Farm Cheese Box

Our Farm Cheese Box is for the cheese lovers. From delightful sweetness of Wisconsin cheddar to mild-flavored Gouda from Indiana to creamy goat cheese from Minnesota, the Midwest cheese is amongst the world's best. We partnered with local dairy farms and cheese producers to create our Farm Cheese Box - a selection of award-winning cheeses, perfect for exploring new cheese varieties and entertaining guests.

Farm Cheese Box may include FIVE (5) of the following cheese varieties: Chevre (6 oz), Gruyere (8 oz), Blue Cheese (6 oz), Gorgonzola (4 oz), Aged Cow Cheddar (8 oz), Aged Gouda (6 oz), Feta Goat Cheese (8 oz), Parmesan (8 oz), Smoked Yellow Cheddar (8 oz), Herbed Cheese Curds (8 oz), Capriko (8 oz) and some other small-batch varieties*.

*Please note that cheese varieties may vary, as we endeavor to use only the freshest and best quality cheese available. Product shown for reference only.



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