Fresh Brunch Box



Fresh Brunch Box

Our Fresh Brunch Box contains essential items for a delicious start to the day. Fresh dairy from Wisconsin, paired with in-season fruit, locally made granola and local English muffins.

Here is seasonal produce that may be included in our Fresh Brunch Box:

  • Eggs, one dozen
  • Butter, 1/2 lb
  • Greek Yogurt, 24 oz
  • Milk & Honey Granola, 12 oz
  • Seasonal Fruit, 1 lb
  • Local English Muffins
Customize your Fresh Brunch Box with additional items.


Add ultra premium quality Smoked Salmon, scrumptious jams from Twidley Bits or fresh Chicago Blend Coffee from Passion House Coffee.


About Twidley Bits
Twidley Bits is the labor of love of former chocolatier and French Pastry School alumna, Lauren Ocello. While, the world of fancy chocolates and beautiful pastries drew her in, her passion has always been in the simple, the accessible and the delicious.

About Passion House Coffee
Passion House Coffee's  goal is to produce nuanced, complex, and clean coffee while cultivating relationships with the farms. Roasting beautiful coffees requires an understanding of physics, chemistry, and intuition that they have developed with over 20 years experience.



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