Grilled Cheese Box
Grilled Cheese Box
Farm Taste

Grilled Cheese Box

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Celebrate summer with fresh produce from Farm Taste. 

Eric Babula is a Chicago-based chef originally from central Missouri. Prior to Hubbard Inn, Chef Babula served as regional executive chef for Punch Bowl Social, opening both the Arlington, VA and Milwaukee, WI locations. He is now the Executive Chef at 8 Hospitality Group which consists of Hubbard Inn, Joy District, HVAC Pub, The Dime, OG’s Social, Juliet’s, and Happy’s Bamboo Bar & Lounge.

Chef Babula prepared a classic grilled cheese-tomato soup recipe. Nothing tastes better than dipping your cheesy sandwich into a creamy bowl of tomato soup! Farm Taste's box will contain fresh U.S. grown produce, including fresh herbs, vegetables and dairy products, enough for 1-2 people.

Here is what's included in our Grilled Cheese Box:



Vegetables: Ripe Tomatoes, Onions, Garlic, Basil  

Cheese: Wisconsin-made cheese, fresh farm butter, fresh farm heavy cream

Fresh bread from D'Amato's bakery

Video and written instructions will be sent out 3 days ahead of an online cooking class. We are looking forward towards celebrating summer with you!

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