Steak & Meat Protein Pack



Steak & Meat Protein Pack

Our Steak & Meat Protein Pack offers great value with up to 20% savings and is designed for the meat lovers. Pick three (3) out of six (6) available items and save.

Choose between Filet Mignon (2 x 6-8 oz) or Ribeye (2 x 10-12 oz) grass-fed beef steaks, between Uncured All Natural Bacon (1 lb) or juicy Pork Chops (2 x 12-14 oz), and lastly pick Ground Beef 80/20 (1 lb) or four (4) quarter pound Beef Patties (4 x 1/4 lb).

Free from antibiotics, GMO grains, confinement buildings, and unethical practices. 



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